Mattertag collaboration on Google sheets

Any changes to a spreadsheet appears immediately on a chosen 3D model!

Transfer Mattertags to new models

Re-entering Mattertags can become a frustrating time sink. Now you can copy/paste 100's of tags, add what's new and hit 'update'.

Full Mattertags revision history

Keeping track of who changed what when multiple parties are adding, deleting and updating a 3D space can become a battle. Now a complete record is transparent to all.

Bulk Import Mattertags

You can update multiple floors and hundreds of tags; updates take seconds, regardless of size. In addition, syncing via a spreadsheet reduces the risk of human error because you no longer need to copy content into the Matterport editor. Instead, add or replace Mattertags as rows in a spreadsheet.

Retain control & responsibility

An unlimited amount of your chosen customers can edit the mattertags, leaving you more time to capture. Similar Matterport tools require owners to transfer models to new accounts; Google Sheets integration does not require any change of ownership. You remain wholly in control and remain responsible for how the tool affects your Matterport models. It's easy to sync; the customer could even do it themselves; you choose the permissions.


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